Breakthrough Technology in the form of energy efficient infrared heating panels. Our revolutionary new system allows us to use radiant heating once more in a stylish comfortable and controllable way. Our 100% efficient heating panels have the most advanced control system available on the market today, combined to provide you with incredible savings compared to any gas or electric heating system.

  • Ultra-efficient - Dramatically out performs the very latest in gas central heating systems
  • Reduce energy consumption - Save up to 70% in energy costs
  • Intelligent System – monitors room temperatures, outside weather and MET office statistics for optimum performance.
  • Remote controllability - can be programmed through a mobile App to turn off once desired temperature, budget or usage reached.
  • Modern design - Beautiful timeless designs using the highest quality materials.
  • Health benefits – ensures air remains clean and fresh improving your mood.
  • Carbon friendly - 50% reduction in carbon emissions

Our heating panels are multi-purpose, ideal for Landlords, Apartments, Offices, hotels, sports facilities and many more.


The heating panels utilise graphene technology to provide a cosy warmth and optimal level of comfort. Panels are designed in a manner that they can be adapted for anyone, from a children’s room to the most respectable business premises. The radiated heat is natural and does not heat the air directly, providing extreme energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.


The system takes advantage of graphene's minimal thermal mass so the heat can be turned on and off quickly, this leverages graphene’s large surface area so that energy isn’t wasted in heating up the heater itself. The innovation is all about getting useable heat where it is needed instantaneously.

Take a step forward and join our many satisfied customers, who have already enriched their lives with the breakthrough heating system of the 21st century whilst also reducing their heating costs by a minimum of 50%.

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LED Lighting

Our flicker-free LED lighting with superior reliability, closely resembles natural daylight to improve your working environment.


The heating panels utilise graphene technology to provide a cosy warmth and optimal level of comfort.

Save Money, Save the Planet

Environmentally friendly using much less energy, no further replacements, no phosphor or mercury pollution and up to 65% less CO2 emissions.

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