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CIBSE Recommended Lux Levels

CIBSE, the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, acts as a professional body for lighting in the UK and produces a series of guides giving optimum lighting requirements for a wide range of environments.

Our following table, compiled from information found in CIBSE’s Society of Light and Lighting publications, aims to give recommended light levels for commonly found environments. These are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment. All units given are in Lux, equalling one lumen per square metre.

CIBSE Recommended Lux Levels

Banks & Building Societies
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Public Areas300 lux
Counter & Offices500 lux
Building Services
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Electrical Plant Rooms100 lux
Mechanical Plant Rooms150 lux
Boiler Houses100 lux
Control Rooms300 lux
Carparks – Indoor
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Entrances & Exits250-300 lux
Parking Bays & Driving Lanes75 lux
Carparks – Outdoor
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Urban Areas20 lux
Rural Areas10 lux
Roof of Multi-Storey20 lux
Circulation Areas
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Entrances & Exits200 lux
Atria50-200 lux
Atria with Plant Growth500-3000 lux
Lifts100 lux
Escalators & Moving Conveyors150 lux
Corridors and Stairs100 lux
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Canopies150 lux
Facades50-1500 lux
Food Production
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Product Inspection1180-1400 lux
Packaging750-860 lux
Maintenance750-860 lux
Administrative Offices500 lux
Processing Areas590-700 lux
Cafeteria450 lux
Locker Rooms320-540 lux
Bulk Ingredient Storage320-430 lux
Ingredient Warehouse215-320 lux
Hazardous (Oil/Gas Industries)
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Drill Towers100 lux
Drill Floors300 lux
Processing Areas100 lux
Test Stations200 lux
Pump Areas200 lux
Crude Oil Pumps300 lux
Sludge Chamber300 lux
Facility Areas300 lux
Rotary Tables500 lux
Walkways100 lux
Landing Areas100 lux
Hazardous (Petrochemical Industries)
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Servicing Areas20 lux
Risk-Free Filling Areas50 lux
High-Risk Filling Areas100 lux
Fuel Loading Areas100 lux
Maintenance Areas200 lux
Hazardous (Power Industries)
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Inspection Areas50 lux
Maintenance Areas200 lux
Handling Areas20 lux
Walkways5 lux
High Temperature
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Furnaces300 lux
Kilns300 lux
Boilers300 lux
Industrial & General Engineering
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Heavy Machine Assembly300 lux
Arc Welding300 lux
Spot Welding500-1000 lux
Tool Shops300-750 lux
Inspections & Testing500-2000 lux
Wind Tunnels100 lux
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
General Offices500 lux
Drawing Offices500 lux
Executive Offices300-500 lux
Computer Workstations300-500 lux
Filing Rooms300 lux
Print Rooms300 lux
CAD Design Areas300-500 lux
Drawing Boards750 lux
Places of Public Assembly
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Libraries150-300 lux
Cinemas & Theatre Foyers200 lux
Museums & Art Galleries300 lux
Churches100-300 lux
Village Halls300 lux
Lecture Theatres300 lux
Auditoria100-150 lux
Booking Offices300 lux
Restaurants & Hotels
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Food Storage Areas150 lux
Wash Up & Vegetable Preparation300 lux
Food Preparation & Cooking500 lux
Entrance Halls100 lux
Reception Desk300 lux
Bar, Restaurant or Lounge50-200 lux
Bedrooms50-100 lux
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Small Retail Outlets500 lux
Fashion500-750 lux
Supermarkets750 lux
Hypermarkets1000 lux
Bookshops, Chemists & Jewellers500 lux
Garden Centres500 lux
Showrooms500-750 lux
Electrical Store750 lux
Furniture Store750 lux
Arcades & Malls50-300 lux
Roadways & Streets
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Village15 lux
Suburban20 lux
Urban30 lux
Industrial Estate – Low Speed5 lux
Sports – Indoor
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
General – Sports Halls300 lux
Gymnastics300 lux
Badminton – Regional & Local500 lux
Badminton – National & International750 lux
Badminton – Local & Training300 lux
Swimming – National & International750 lux
Swimming – Regional & Local500 lux
Swimming – Local & Training200 lux
Weight/Cardio Suite400 lux
Sports – Outdoor
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Football & Rugby – National & International500 lux
Football & Rugby – Regional & Local200 lux
Football & Rugby – Local & Training75 lux
Hockey & Tennis – National & International500 lux
Hockey & Tennis – Regional & Local300 lux
Hockey & Tennis – Local & Training200 lux
Equestrian – National & International500 lux
Equestrian – Regional & Local200 lux
Equestrian – Local & Training100 lux
Staff Rooms
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Rest Rooms150 lux
Canteens200 lux
Changing Rooms & Toilets100 lux
Warehousing & Distribution
AreaRecommended Lighting Level
Loading Bays150 lux
Large Item Storage100 lux
Small Item Storage200 lux
Warehouse, Bulk Storage100 lux
Packing & Despatch300 lux
Unpacking & Sorting200 lux
Offices500 lux
Counter Area500 lux
Cold Storage300 lux
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