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A large percentage of businesses today are not aware of the huge benefits of investing in energy reduction. By reducing your energy consumption you put money back into your pocket and drastically reduce your energy costs. You can invest whilst you save.

You also benefit from full tax relief from your investment and from our zero capital outlay schemes. RS1 Energy can save you money from day one. We provide you with the highest quality energy saving products, maintenance free for 5 -15 years subject to agreement.


Reduce your energy spend, your maintenance bill and enjoy the benefits of tax relief without any capital outlay by investing into an approved Energy Lease Agreement.


We will identify where savings can be made and how we can implement a self -funding plan.

  • A free full energy consultation and survey
  • Zero capital outlay
  • A tax effective financial solution
  • 5 years warranty and maintenance included
  • A guaranteed 25% minimum cost saving for lighting.
  • A guaranteed 50% minimum saving on your heating.
  • A completely self-financing solution to energy reduction
  • We also ensure that you are with the best energy supplier for your current needs, at no extra cost


Example of a monthly energy cost of £1000 based on Lighting Lease

  • Have the very latest LED lighting fitted for no capital outlay
  • £1000 per month electricity bill will be reduced by approximately 75%. Monthly cost of £250.
  • Lease - cost £500, which is fully reclaimable against your annual tax bill

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Call us on 0800 622 6542 and speak with one of the friendly team
LED Lighting

Our flicker-free LED lighting with superior reliability, closely resembles natural daylight to improve your working environment.


The heating panels utilise graphene technology to provide a cosy warmth and optimal level of comfort.

Save Money, Save the Planet

Environmentally friendly using much less energy, no further replacements, no phosphor or mercury pollution and up to 65% less CO2 emissions.

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